Welcome to Patriot Network Initiative (PNI); a no nonsense, pro-active organization developing a comprehensive plan designed to empower patriotic Americans to accomplish this  GOAL: “Restore to the States and the People the Prerogatives and Freedoms Guaranteed Them by the ‘Declaration of Independence’ and the ‘Constitution of the United States’”.


The plan will tap into the power available through the unified actions of both individual Patriots and the many groups already unilaterally working on realizing some aspect of the GOAL of the PNI.  The PNI’s mission is to provide the plan, develop the tools needed to support the plan, and to function in a coordinating role to maximize the efforts of  united individuals and organizations in pursuit of the GOAL.

The simple truth is that of the hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations that have attempted to restore the government to it’s constitutional boundaries none have been able to get the job done.  The primary reason for this failure is that the efforts have lacked the numbers of a UNITED effort.  PNI believes the NUMBERS needed can be achieved by unifying on what we agree on, and at the same time each individual or group can keep working on the specific aspects of possible fixes they believe in.

The answer is for the various organizations to realize that they simply MUST come together on the issues they agree on, no longer insisting that it takes 100% adherence to their total approach before they are willing to cooperate with other groups on the areas they do agree.

We at PNI hope you agree and will be willing to work together on the issues we agree on.



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