You will find various tools and resources that may help you prepare and deliver presentations at meetings etc.
The following are .jpg files that can be used as memes for posting in the various Social Media platforms.  When using them, be sure that you include a ‘text’ part of the post to ‘link’ the meme to the PNI website.  When you post a meme that covers both PNI and S.T.A.B. be sure to put both links in your text portion.  (i.e.  ” volunteer for PNI –   and  sign-up for S.T.A.B. – “)  [Right click on the meme you want to use, save it on your device, then you can post it as a ‘pic’ on social media]

These buttons will take you to YouTube videos that you may wish to use in your recruiting efforts.  Just ‘copy’ the URL of the Video to lead people straight to it.

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