The PNI plan for ‘Taking America Back’ is based on the reality that any changes that need to be made to our Federal Government must begin at the grassroots level.  This makes the creation of  LOCAL TEAMS necessary to get the job done.  These teams can consist of members of various groups working together to further the goals of each group individually while at the same time being coordinated with other efforts to get the basic laws, rules and regulations passed at the local lever that will eventually be pushed up the line until sanity has been restored in our government.  The BASIC operating principle of PNI is that only by working together will we ever have the numbers needed to effect the changes needed.

Each team should have as many of the following elements as an be put into action: (1) a ‘public information’ person to help get the message of the activities and goals of the teams out to the various media outlets available in their local areas; (2) a ‘toastmaster’ or presenter(s) who are adept at speaking to groups and organizations about the PNI and their individual pet issues alike; (3) a ‘liaison’ to reach out to local law enforcement agencies to assure to them that our efforts are peaceful, and that we will give them full support in all the areas that they are following their constitutional authority; (4) a ‘Social Media’ specialist to monitor other teams activities and post information about your group’s activities on various social media platforms; (5) others as your location and situation may require.

 Chart of the Overview of the PNI PLAN


Comments on the Overview

Comments about the items shown on the ‘Chart’ overview. (Coming soon too.)

These are in-depth discussions about each of the various elements of the ‘Chart’ Overview

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