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If you just volunteered with PNI, thank you and be sure to check your email for your ‘Welcome’ email.  If it does not show up in your ‘IN Box’ look in your SPAM or JUNK folder.  Now that you have successfully registered, You can go ahead and get your fifty cents per month donation done.  Just finish the process by clicking HERE.

If you came here to donate and have not filled out the volunteer form yet, click HERE to go to the volunteer form, when completed it will bring you back here.

If you are already registered to receive emails and have not yet completed the volunteer form please consider doing it now so we can make sure you are used in the best way to help restore our country.  Click HERE to fill out the volunteer form.

Why donate?

We depend on donations to pay for the hosting and maintenance of the website, and to help PNI fullfill its mission. 

Is my donation tax deductable?

No.  We have structured this organization in the format of a non-profit, but we will not apply to the government for NP status.  We feel the less connection we have with government agencies, the better off we are.

Am I expected to donate?

Yes.  It is the opinion of the leaders of the PNI organization that those who have some “skin in the game” will put more effort into the implementation of the plan.  We expect that every Patriot can find a way to donate 50 cents per month ($6.00 per year).


How do I donate?

The easiest way is by credit/debit card by clicking on the Donate button.

Or you may send donations to:

Patriot Network Initiative

P.O. Box 50163

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Make checks or MOs out to: PNI

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