The Patriot Network Initiative (PNI) is a roll-out of a PLAN inspired by the Plan developed by the  Constitutionists Networking Center (CNC)  in 1995.  The original ‘launch’ of the CNC Plan did not attract the numbers of patriots needed to carry out their Plan and the Plan was allowed to go into hibernation.   The PNI is grateful to the pioneering work and great effort the members of the CNC put in, but the current ‘roll out’ of the PNI effort is only inspired by their work, and is not intended to be a representation of their specific material.  The PNI however does agree on many of their thoughts and conclusions concerning a common sense evaluation of the problem and the need for a solution.

The Principal individuals behind the roll-out of the PNI PLAN are:


Larry Richardson

(843) 957-8180

Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

[email protected] 


James Harrison

(614) 899-1414

Westerville, OH

[email protected]


Snail Mail Address:

Patriot Network Initiative
P.O. Box 50163
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

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